Must Have Done Something Right

Wow it sure has been a long time since I last posted anything and it is about time that I do. Well the past month has been a pretty long and a hectic one with some good things and some downfalls but overall I would give it a B+/A-. I'm back in Germany once again and this time it is for good, unless I want to take leave or something like that, and I'm glad but yet bummed about it. The good thing about it is that I can finally settle down and just get my life in order like it should have been to begin with. The only downfall is that I'm once again far away from the one's I love, and most importantly one person in particular. But all of that will change here in (according to her) 36 days when she comes and visits! It'll be Christmas in May, but I couldn't have asked for a better gift!

ASBC was fun and exciting! I met some great people that I will stay in contact for the years to come and as well as someone very special (Charlie Brown) that is very supporting of me and what I do. Work has been a lot better now that I am done with my TDYs and that I can actually settle down in Fuels. I'm currently on a rotational schedule that sends me around to the different sections of my Flight so I can understand to a certain extent what exactly it is we do in Fuels. It's going to be an awesome time learning all of this and getting some good face time with the troops, which is always good to do.

I honestly cannot wait for May, take a little leave and enjoy the company of Charlie Brown for the first time since Feb, it will be well worth the wait! As this night continues to drag on I cannot think of really anything to talk about but her. But I'll leave that for another post ;)

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