Part of It

Can't believe that it has already been 3 weeks down here in Alabama and it seems that the time has just been flying by way to fast, especially since next weekend all I would love for is if time could just stop but we all know that that is really hard to do. These past few weeks have been a blast and I'm just really bummed that I know my time here in Alabama/the U.S. will be coming to an end once again.  But then again it won't be for long since I will be back in July for a wedding and hopefully I can get the time that I want to take off but we'll all have to see about that.

I have recently found myself in a great place that I don't ever want to leave and it will only be emphasized with next weekend and how deeply I wish I was stationed here in the states. But I guess that's not what the big Man up stairs has planned for me right at the moment but I know that He will lead me in the right direction with this and everything else in the years to come. I feel that I have almost neglected this blog and have not been able to keep everyone up to date on my journey's but then again I am stuck in Alabama with really nothing to do other than learn about leadership here at ASBC.

ASBC has seemed to be a difference in what I have been used to in these past years with my own leadership skills. I have seen that since the beginning of this course I have been more assertive in my actions and my comments. I have been stepping up to the task at hand and getting it accomplished when asked to do so. Now this seems a bit orthodox for me since I have always been that person that is reserved and a bit shy, but who knows maybe this combined with another situation is the beginning of something very special.

As I sit here and think about all the things that I wish I can accomplish here in these last couple of weeks, I can only think that I am going to be setting my self short of all of those things that I truly hope to fulfill. Next weekend will be the culmination of many a day's discussions and topics of great things to come. Till then I can only wait for it to come just one day closer to that time...home here I come!

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