El Distorto De Melodica

Once again its a new month and I find myself in another place other than my own, living out of a suitcase and paying rent for a place that I won't see again for almost 2 months. But then again I cannot complain since I am back in the states and able to communicate freely with the people that mean the most to me. To even add to this I am able to spend my birthday (which is today) with my closest friends from the past 4 years, which is pretty exciting for me knowing that I won't be spending it alone. I have embarked once again to another base that is holding the optimism of the ability to network with future acquaintances within the AF but also to help find myself as a leader among leaders. Even though at times I feel that this training may seem pointless, I know that it holds some intrinsic value to the development of my leadership skills as well as myself in general. With that being said I will always be looking back at this time in my young career as the building blocks to my hopeful success and bright future within the AF. Now onto the most important part of the day...

Birthdays just do not have the same glamor as they once did as a kid. When you were young, you made this day an ordeal that you hoped that no one could beat with the party, who was invited, where it was located at, etc... But now as I/we get older they just don't seem as important as they once did, they don't hold that same "wow" factor that mesmerized us as kids. They almost seem to morph into the concept of whats next, what do I have to do today, as to seem just like any normal day of the week that drags on through the hours and minutes that run our lives. As yet again another year has passed me by in a blur of both good and bad memories, I can only just thank everyone for being there with me through it all and help make it as good as it could have ever been.

I'm just wondering if this next year can be able to top all the fun and exciting things that I have done since my last birthday. I mean the culmination of Vegas, commissioning into the AF, moving to Germany, graduating college and meeting tons of new people from all over the world will be pretty hard to beat. I guess I won't know until my 24th birthday which I will probably see if I can't take a trip somewhere and spend it exploring Ireland or some place like that. Actually that sounds like a great idea for my 24th birthday, I'll go off to Ireland and tour the Guiness factory and just drink my way through Great Britain. Ha, anyone want to join?

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