I Love the Smell of JP8 in the Morning

Mornings should be left to the early riser and not for the night owls but I guess we all have to make some sacrifices in our lives to pursue a fulfilling life/career. As I have come to realize, and I have realized this before, this profession that I have entered is going to be one that will strain me physically and mentally; first starting with the hours at which I work, second at the strain that it will put on my body/mind and spirit and lastly the strain that is put on my relationships with friends, family and the possibility of hopefully one day meeting "the one". But after this first week of actual work, I have realized that I am prepared to do this job for as long as I can because lets face it...ITS AWESOME!

Its not everyday that you can be able to say that you get to be in charge of almost 70 people, pumping thousand to even millions of gallons of fuel to either the storage tanks or planes, or even that you get to be around some of the smartest people (officers and enlisted alike) that the world can offer. This job has great potential but also has greatly unpromising consequences. What I mean by this is the way that I am scheduled to deploy downrange (Iraq/Afghanistan), which has just been kicked into a high gear now that my career field has just been slotted into the E-Band of the Air Force's deployment schedule. Basically what this is saying is that every 6 months out of the year I have a high probability of being deployed. This to me will put a damper on me being able to truly get to know someone for about the first 10-12 years of my career. That is the only fear that I have about my career, outside of this I absolutely love anything and everything about it.

This first week of being an LRO has been one of the best, even though that I have not been doing anything to do with fuels (the section that I'm assigned to), it still has been an experience that will help further my understanding and knowledge of this diverse and challenging career field. What it is I have been doing is really hard to explain but in the easiest way to describe it was: to help/provide input to modify and change a wing based training plan/schedule.  What makes this frustrating for me is that it has nothing to do with what I have been assigned to do as well as the vague details of what was wanting accomplished and a short return time for the finished product. Along with this was an intense but useful scrutiny of the product that was completed per the bosses requests. Now I hope this is not coming across as whining, all that I am trying to say is that it was just really frustrating due to the time schedule. It was a great experience for me to learn how to run with the tools that I'm given to accomplish tasks on short notices. I know that this will be the bedrock for future taskings such as the one that I have currently been given but yet I wasn't expecting this so soon.

Still this career field that I'm in is full of learning to change and complete tasks on the fly without any real direction and I'm seeing it as only opportunities for the future. As I continue to look forward to the ever-changing adaptation that has become the LRO career, I wonder where I will be at in 5,10 or even 20 years. Will I still be in the Air Force? or will I be holding a position in a civilian job? I do not know the answers to these questions but for now I'm looking forward to this path that I am on. I am excited for where I am at and to continue to live abroad while I am in my vibrant youth, experiencing anything and everything that I can possibly experience.

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