To Boldly Go...

Its been awhile since I last posted anything, really not sure if anyone reads these but I guess its best to catolog one's adventures so one day I can look back and see all the fun/interesting times that I went through as a brand new 2nd Lt.

Since the last post I have traveled from Colorado back to Germany spending almost 24 hours of traveling in between my two destinations, but now that I'm back in Germany I really don't feel like anything has changed but yet as if everything almost stayed the same as I was gone. I do have some issues that need to be taken care of but as the holidays are upon us I cannot take care of them till next week, which may be an issue but it'll work out.

As this new year approaches and we all say good bye to the old, I look back and see how far my life has come from just being a college student to suddenly thrusted into the deep end of life without and floatation device to hold me afloat. Surprisingly I have surpassed my own expectations and have been able to keep my head somewhat afloat. But this new year holds great promises to myself and hopefully others as well.

This place seems so distant from anything that is normal and familiar to me so the title is almost befitting of itself. So now as I sit here looking at the near future with a trickle of fear rolling down my spine but yet a twinkle of hope flashing in my eyes, I march on into the great unknown with an open mind and heart waiting to experience the greatest adventures of my life.

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