Must Have Done Something Right

Wow it sure has been a long time since I last posted anything and it is about time that I do. Well the past month has been a pretty long and a hectic one with some good things and some downfalls but overall I would give it a B+/A-. I'm back in Germany once again and this time it is for good, unless I want to take leave or something like that, and I'm glad but yet bummed about it. The good thing about it is that I can finally settle down and just get my life in order like it should have been to begin with. The only downfall is that I'm once again far away from the one's I love, and most importantly one person in particular. But all of that will change here in (according to her) 36 days when she comes and visits! It'll be Christmas in May, but I couldn't have asked for a better gift!

ASBC was fun and exciting! I met some great people that I will stay in contact for the years to come and as well as someone very special (Charlie Brown) that is very supporting of me and what I do. Work has been a lot better now that I am done with my TDYs and that I can actually settle down in Fuels. I'm currently on a rotational schedule that sends me around to the different sections of my Flight so I can understand to a certain extent what exactly it is we do in Fuels. It's going to be an awesome time learning all of this and getting some good face time with the troops, which is always good to do.

I honestly cannot wait for May, take a little leave and enjoy the company of Charlie Brown for the first time since Feb, it will be well worth the wait! As this night continues to drag on I cannot think of really anything to talk about but her. But I'll leave that for another post ;)


Souls on Ten

This weekend was by far one of the best that I have had in my life! Just being able to go home and spend my time with the people that I care about the most was all that I needed to recharge my batteries for these next couple of months. And with the added element of someone very special, who I can't wait to return to in coming months, spending their WHOLE weekend with me was much more meaningful then I had ever expected. In the end I was given a book that looks to be the most inspirational book I have read titled;Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret to the Man's Soul. It rings true to the way that I feel about my spiritual soul and the way I yearn for the excitement of the outdoors as well as the adventures that are always offered to me in my everyday life. I would like to give you a little excerpt from it...

"Adventure, with all its requisite danger and wildness, is a deeply spiritual longing written into the soul of man. The masculine heart needs a place where nothing is prefabricated, modular, nonfat, zip lock, franchised, on-line, microwavable. Where there are no deadlines, cell phones, or committee meetings. Where there is room for the soul. Where, finally, the geography around us corresponds to the geography of our heart."

After reading this passage I thought of how this puts into a deep and meaningful perspective of the way that I look at, and long for Colorado at all times. For these past couple of months, since I have moved overseas, Colorado has been the key holder of my heart for many reasons; 1) my parents live there, 2) I absolutely love doing anything and everything outdoors that CO has to offer, and now a 3rd) someone very special has been brought into my life that has been an inspiration to me. I can truly agree with the Big Man upstairs when... "but as God himself said, things were just not right until there was an Eve."


Part of It

Can't believe that it has already been 3 weeks down here in Alabama and it seems that the time has just been flying by way to fast, especially since next weekend all I would love for is if time could just stop but we all know that that is really hard to do. These past few weeks have been a blast and I'm just really bummed that I know my time here in Alabama/the U.S. will be coming to an end once again.  But then again it won't be for long since I will be back in July for a wedding and hopefully I can get the time that I want to take off but we'll all have to see about that.

I have recently found myself in a great place that I don't ever want to leave and it will only be emphasized with next weekend and how deeply I wish I was stationed here in the states. But I guess that's not what the big Man up stairs has planned for me right at the moment but I know that He will lead me in the right direction with this and everything else in the years to come. I feel that I have almost neglected this blog and have not been able to keep everyone up to date on my journey's but then again I am stuck in Alabama with really nothing to do other than learn about leadership here at ASBC.

ASBC has seemed to be a difference in what I have been used to in these past years with my own leadership skills. I have seen that since the beginning of this course I have been more assertive in my actions and my comments. I have been stepping up to the task at hand and getting it accomplished when asked to do so. Now this seems a bit orthodox for me since I have always been that person that is reserved and a bit shy, but who knows maybe this combined with another situation is the beginning of something very special.

As I sit here and think about all the things that I wish I can accomplish here in these last couple of weeks, I can only think that I am going to be setting my self short of all of those things that I truly hope to fulfill. Next weekend will be the culmination of many a day's discussions and topics of great things to come. Till then I can only wait for it to come just one day closer to that time...home here I come!


Every Thug Needs a Lady...

I know it's dark here, you know that I'm scared too
For some reason right now, of everything but you
Right now you're all that I recognize
You know I came here when I needed your soft voice
I needed to hear something that sounded like an answer
Now I wait here, and sometimes I get one

It's nothing I'll forget when the moon gets tired
You are stuck to me everyday
Believe in what I am because it's all I have today
And tomorrow who knows where we'll be
From here I can hardly see a thing
But I will follow anyone who brings me to you
For now, forever, for on and on and on

You know it starts here, outside waiting in the cold
Kiss me once in the snow, I swear it never gets old
But I will promise you I can make it warmer next year
You know I came here when I needed your soft voice
I needed to hear something that sounded like an answer
Now I stay here, and everyday I get one

It's nothing I'll forget when the moon gets tired
You are stuck to me everyday
Believe in what I am because it's all I have today
And tomorrow who knows where we'll be
From here I can hardly see a thing
But I will follow anyone who brings me to you
For now, forever, for on and on and on

So go plug in your electric blanket
We can stay in 'till our southern summer wedding day
Go plug in your electric blanket
We can stay here


El Distorto De Melodica

Once again its a new month and I find myself in another place other than my own, living out of a suitcase and paying rent for a place that I won't see again for almost 2 months. But then again I cannot complain since I am back in the states and able to communicate freely with the people that mean the most to me. To even add to this I am able to spend my birthday (which is today) with my closest friends from the past 4 years, which is pretty exciting for me knowing that I won't be spending it alone. I have embarked once again to another base that is holding the optimism of the ability to network with future acquaintances within the AF but also to help find myself as a leader among leaders. Even though at times I feel that this training may seem pointless, I know that it holds some intrinsic value to the development of my leadership skills as well as myself in general. With that being said I will always be looking back at this time in my young career as the building blocks to my hopeful success and bright future within the AF. Now onto the most important part of the day...

Birthdays just do not have the same glamor as they once did as a kid. When you were young, you made this day an ordeal that you hoped that no one could beat with the party, who was invited, where it was located at, etc... But now as I/we get older they just don't seem as important as they once did, they don't hold that same "wow" factor that mesmerized us as kids. They almost seem to morph into the concept of whats next, what do I have to do today, as to seem just like any normal day of the week that drags on through the hours and minutes that run our lives. As yet again another year has passed me by in a blur of both good and bad memories, I can only just thank everyone for being there with me through it all and help make it as good as it could have ever been.

I'm just wondering if this next year can be able to top all the fun and exciting things that I have done since my last birthday. I mean the culmination of Vegas, commissioning into the AF, moving to Germany, graduating college and meeting tons of new people from all over the world will be pretty hard to beat. I guess I won't know until my 24th birthday which I will probably see if I can't take a trip somewhere and spend it exploring Ireland or some place like that. Actually that sounds like a great idea for my 24th birthday, I'll go off to Ireland and tour the Guiness factory and just drink my way through Great Britain. Ha, anyone want to join?


The Good Life

For the first time in months I have a place to call home and by months, I mean months. After many nights sleeping in hotel rooms across 2 continents and on the worst twin mattress, I can finally relax in the once empty apartment that I have been paying for these past 5 months. With my recent delivery of my household goods I have been given the opportunity to do all of the things that I have been missing since my personal belongings were packed away and shipped off to Germany.

Yesterday was by far the most exciting day that I have had in weeks and I am glad that I was given the chance to take time off from work and just manage the moving of my HHGs into my loft. But the most exciting part of it all is that I was able to have a peaceful, undisturbed sleep in MY own bed, the bed that I have longed for for months now. Last night's sleep was one of a deep slumber that shocked my body into a very painful morning of having to pry myself from the clutches of my comfortable bed.

Among my indulgence of my bed, I am overwhelmed with all of the activities that I can now occupy my time with when I'm not out gallavanting across the country. One that I am excited about is the chance to play my acoustic drum set again, course by now all of my calluses have worn off and it will be painful to begin playing again but the excitement far outways my thought of pain. To once again have that connection with music is exciting and energizing, to be able to feel the beat that is within me played out in a multitude of calculated smashes, crashes and bangs. I'm sure that all of my neighbors will be happy to hear it all but hopefully I won't be getting to many complaints for noise.

Overall yesterday was a great day for me to relax and get everything settled into my new living quarters for the next couple of years. I just hope now that the next time I PCS to another base it won't take this long for me to get my possessions because I'm not sure I have the patience to go this long again with out my things. But time will only tell, for now I'm enjoying the fact that my stuff is finally here.


Goody, Like Two Shoes

Well, here I am again takling the world one week at a time and this past week was a tough one to tackle.

It all began with the training being implemented and having a hard time getting everyone squared away with it. But have no fear it will all get worked out when everyone gets used to it, all we need is time to smooth our the rough edges. Now the really hard part was the part where my car decided to have some fun with me, it was pretty funny at first but more of a thorn in my side as the week progressed.

It all started when I had started my car after grabbing lunch at the KMCC (Kaiserslautern Military Community Center, giagantic mall pretty much) and after I had stopped to drop something off at the office for my Capt, I discovered that my car would not shut off and that I was able to pull the key out of the ignition. I figured that this was going to be a huge problem that was fixable only by a mechanic but I figured why not see if someone knew how to remedy the situation without me spending a large sum of money. But to my dismay no one knew and I had figured that the cellinoid within the ignition switch was broken and that it needed to be replaced, but unbeknownst to me I had to make a trip to a dealership so that they could order the specific parts and repair it there.

Well crap there goes half a paycheck which didn't end up actually being the case and I only spent half of what I thought the cost was originally going to be. So this ended up being a plus in a week where I spent the better part of it carless and stranded without means of getting around. This of course led to the one thing that I hate having to do and that is asking people for help. I know some of you might be thinking that I'm just personifying the typical "male ego", but imposing on others is something that I have always hated doing. However I am always thankful for it when someone does lend that helpful hand, which in this case came from my Capt and is wife.

I really appreciate all that those two did for me while I was carless and will one day repay them for their gratuitous act. It is people like this that I have been meeting lately in the Air Force and now I have come to appreciate and realize why this Air Force is the greatess air force in the world. Not to many people will take the time out of their day to go more than out of their way to lend someone a helping hand but still there are those diamonds in the ruff.